Cyberbullying is known as the written and visual messages send as the purpose of harrassment, hostility, intimidation, threats, intimate in deliberately and orderly by one person or group against the others. The researches at our all partner schools show that, the active internet users between the ages 10-17 are victims or perperators of cyberbullying. For this reason, in the scope of this researches, the Project named as " No Cyberbullying at the School" is considered in order to make educative studies, raise awareness and make students, teachers and parents conscious of the misuse of internet-based technology which leave in lurch.

 For "No Cyberbullying at the School" Project, the survey / questionnaire  was applied to all partner schools' teachers and  students. And also we had "face to face" interviews with our selected students to identify their troubles while using internet. Many of the victims of this incident were initially perceived as a joke or fun but nevertheless they feel psychological discomfort. The students who don't share this situation with their teachers, family and friends, can show similar behaviours to their friends. According to this, being a victim of cyber, includes the risk of becoming a victim of cyber and making cyberbullying.

According to the research results between European countries and Turkey, there is not a considerable difference in rates. For this reason, our aim with this project is to raise awareness against cyberbullying, to learn what has done regarding to the prevention of tyranny and to use it for the sake of partner schools and our country. In accordance with this purpose, we would like to cooperate with our partner countries that have studies related to cyberbullying and prevention of it.

 By "No cyberbullying at the School" Project, for a conscious and effective use of the internet, our target is to create visual materials, to prepare visual art and poster exhibits, and to raise awareness to the feelings of friendships among students, teachers and parents.

 For our target, students, parents and school staffs need specific information about the symptoms of cyberbullying, its effects on individuals, legal rights and responsibilities during the cyberbullying. By this way, teachers will have  transnational project meetings and  share their / our  experiences in selected countries against the cyberbullying visa versa and get specific information to prevent cyberbullying from each other.